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Stick figure animations.

I don't want to sound aggressive or anything, not putting harm to anyone but i have a few things i want to bring up.

First up, Stick Figure animations have been known to be purely based on killing, fighting, war, ect ect. Obviously they are getting better in quality of animation - so ill disregard that.
So if you want to distinguish yourself better from the rest of the many other animations i think you should step it up on your sequel. (or any other stick animations that you are going to do in the future)

About the story line - it seems generic, generic meaning common or often seen. I know nothing much on stories but that does not stop me from saying that but there is always a story on a hero going for the villain. Also, I want to point out that the story does not quite make sense; for example, how does the hero know where this Enemy is, or even how they know each other.

The voice acting is seems like it was not put to use properly; put in halfway through the animation is a bit silly. It's either in or not.

Sound effects/Music - I think that it would of been better if the music was made purely for this animation, now I'm not saying that there would be a perfect piece for you to incorporate into the animation but there is always contacting an artist to help you out or even make it yourself if you could.

That is all I have to say, I hope you keep this in mind.
I am not saying that this is bad, it just need improvement.


I love this unique way of approaching Madness. In all seriousness, i really don't see how people could vote this down. Especially one review:

BoyBogart, your animation was good, your selection of scenes were good, I'm just sad to say that the rest of your artist team is lacking a sense of experience or style. BoyBogart, word of advice, next time submit your artwork without the other guys and you might have gotten a much higher score then 4/10

Stupid review is stupid. Note the description "non traditional madness".

Well anyway, Great work RedHarvest and the rest of the collaboration team.


It was subtle, and daring. I never thought the Madness craze could get any more gorier, but it did. I like it, in terms of animation. =D

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Its a little bit slow.

I like it, the graphics are fair play, different enemies are good play against and the upgrading system is always good to have.

I notice though that when you move (for me) the Frame rate drops dramatically and when you stop moving, everything seems fine. Have you made the game where the whole stage moves when you move? If so, i would suggest the vcam - developed by Adam Philips and his counterpart.

Otherwise, it is a pretty good game.

What a team.

If I am not mistaken, this game can easily/close to be Newgrounds Game of the Year for 2010.

This is WHY I think this is so, just to prove that I am not just throwing statements out in the air.

Artwork - Simple, not graphically intense and so bright. I love this style, Jared has quite the vision which I would like to wrap my mind around. Brilliant stuff.

Programming - Sometimes it can be hard to notice this area but is always what I look for. Anyway, the whole Menu functionality is very sleek, fluent and not bulky. There is only one thing which does need a little bit of fixing is the music Looping properly, it plays once per event and that is it. But great work Cpt.Poncho.

Music - Oh man, this music is brilliant. Not a lot of user submitted content has this much of quality and the team behind those music pieces should be congratulated.

Very well done.

tl;dr: 10 out of 10.

Its awesome

The Communists wouldnt like this.. But it is pretty cool

But there actually is Graphical Lag here..
Some people obviously don't respect the lag problems that others face.. Cough*LordRoflmao*Cough

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I would listen to this song all the time. Now i can listen to this longer version and be extra happy XD.

Here is an idea.

Rather going directly playing it in reverse and uploading it. Listen to the beat, and then make the beat from scratch from a music program. Add some awesome to it and it will be perfect.

When you upload it straight like this, it gets blurry and not all that fantastic.
It makes it seem like you are lazy, I'm not saying that you are but a little creativity goes a long way. =D

Oh you..

This is one of those songs where, for me it can be a bit tricky to describe how enjoyable and how awesome this song is. But there is one thought which is stuck in my head, which is how it could be added to a short clip.
The best way which this song can be presented is Via a Promo and an example would be the Assassin's Creed Promotional clips.

In all seriousness, the beginning was essentially Revolutionised at 00:22 and it is pretty impressive to hear. If my talent (if any) was in this area of Newgrounds, I could give some criticism, but my taste in music is pretty much what ever seems awesome - meaning i do not stick to just 1 or 2 genres. So not much help from me in improvement.

Simply saying that this is a pretty awesome track, this is added to my 3 years long list of Newgrounds music.

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As cool as it is

I don't like Baseball.

Hurray for wallpaper!


jouste responds:

right back at you pal!

*return highfives*


What have you done?!?!
I bet Pico regrets nothing.


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